How to Help Homeless Animals Survive the Snowy Days

There are so many homeless and helpless animals on the streets during these cold winter days. Here are some ways you can help them.

Your home is warm, you’re dressed up with some thicker clothing, you eat healthy food to strengthen your immunity and you don’t get out of your home without any bigger need during the cold days. You’re enjoying in the beautiful snow idyll by looking out from the window and it reminds you of scenes from the stories. However, one part of the fairy tales is forgotten – how do you help the ones forced to spend the winter days out in the open.

As we speak, there are many abandoned animals on the streets that don’t have a place to hide at, they have nothing to eat, neither do they have something to cover themselves up with. While you’re reading this, their stomachs are empty, their bodies are trembling in the cold and they might not even survive today. All of this isn’t happening somewhere far away, in another city or another country, but exactly at the place you live at, under your window! And you can do something to help these creatures. Here are some ways you can protect those poor and abandoned animals…

How to Help Homeless Animals Survive the Snowy Days - Dog in the snow

1. Open the door at the entrance of the building

If you let a dog or a cat inside the building, they won’t eat you, they won’t transmit any kind of disease to you or smear the entrance. Put a small piece of cardboard they can lay on and it won’t cost you anything. Actually, imagine that you’re alone and you’ve forgotten the key to the apartment in these cold days, so now you have to wait hours in front of the entrance…

2. Building a snowman with the kids is fun, but building a small house for the abandoned animals is both fun and humanely!

Organize with your friends or members of the family and make a shelter for the abandoned animals at your place out of old trees, Styrofoam, towels, blankets, hay and other materials that you don’t need. If you don’t have time to devote to making a house, it would be enough to just place a cardboard box at the spots without any snow. The animals will be thankful to you, your children will learn to help others and look at themselves differently, and if you take photos of all this and share it on the social media, many people will support your actions.

How to Help Homeless Animals Survive the Snowy Days - Homeless dog

3. A little food and a bowl of warm water can save the animals in the last moment

There’s surely a lot of food left from the holiday tables, so search through your fridge and set aside everything you’re not going to eat. Take two plastic bowls and put warm water and food meant for the abandoned animals at the place you live at. If you can afford it and if you’re not in a hurry, you can also buy canned food for dogs and cats and place it at the spots where it doesn’t rain or snow.

4. The dogs and the cats aren’t the only ones vulnerable, but the winter is also difficult for the birds

Place a birdhouse, and if you don’t have the time for that, fill a plate with grains and put on your window or terrace.

How to Help Homeless Animals Survive the Snowy Days - Birdhouse

5. Adopt an animal

If you’re an animal lover and you’ve always wanted to adopt one, this is the perfect time to do that! On one side you will feel joyful and happier, and on the other side you will save a life.


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